Friday, February 4, 2011

May the best blog win!

If you read Michelle Lin's Academic Life in Emergency Medicine or Scott Weingart's EMCrit then you already know about the quality information that these two giants are providing to Emergency Medicine.  It's no wonder that they've both been nominated for the 2010 MedGadget Weblog Awards.  Take a look and vote for your favorite!

EMCrit is Featured in the Best Medical Weblog Category


Academic Life in Emergency Medicine is featured in the Best Clinical Sciences Weblog Category

There's a lot of competition from some other great blogs so make sure to vote!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out. Actually, I have been trying hard to send folks solely to vote for EMCrit in the best medblog of 2010 category instead of the "best clinical weblog" to avoid taking any votes away from Michelle Lin, the blog goddess.

  2. Hey thanks for the mention, Rob! Yes, I noticed that Scott mercifully moved his mobs of fans to the Overall Best of Medical Blog poll... Even so, I'm getting my butt kicked by Geriatrics and Renal Fellows! Oh well, it's just fun to know that the blog actually gets readers. That still is shocking to me.